Tihar: Second Greatest Festival of Hindus

Photo: Brothers being worshipped by sisters (from www.welcomenepal.com)


We Nepalese celebrated second largest festival of Hindus which is known as "Tihar". It is celebrated for five holy days and each day is devoted to different parties. Before giving the list here let me tell that "Tihar" is having the celebration of the love and compassion between sisters and brothers.

Here is the list of the occupation of those holy five days:

First Day: Kag Tihar (The Crow Day)

Second Day: Kukur Tihar (The Dog Day)

Third Day: Gai Tihar (Laxmi Puja) (The Cow Day) : Laxmi is the goddes of wealth: Cow is her representative recarnation!

Fourth Day: Goru Tihar (The Ox Day)

Fifth Day: Bhai Tika (The Brothers Day)

All are worshipped and feed with delicious food in their respective days.

Why worship animals?

Crows carry a myth in Hindu religion. They transfer message from one place to other. People pray them to bring them good news of their relatives who are far from them, even away from their nations.

We know dogs protect us from thieves and often they are useful in securing life also. Dogs are the most loyal domestic animals. Then why not to worship them at least once in a year?

Oxen plough our field. They were the major part of production in the past agriculture era. Still they support production in farming. Oxen are also user to draw carts.

Cows give us milk. Cows are worshipped in the name of goddes of wealth: goddes Laxmi( she is the wife of God Bishnu who once came to the earth in the name of Krishna and Krishna is the one who played a major role in the great Hindu epics "Mahabharata").

In the last day, sisters worship their brothers and give delicious food with a great variety .

Special Song: "Deusi and Bhaili"

The night of the Cows day is celebrated by youths by playing a program called "Bhaili" in which they form their own group and go to households and sing the song which mainly address the household to provide them with money, grains and other things. The same repeats the next night in the name of "Deusi". Both are very popular programs.


Tihar is the festival of love and peace. Besides its cultural value it is eco-friendly too. Tihar sprays the message of love of brothers and sisters as well as makes people conscious of their animal friends: birds, dogs, oxen, crows.

My Village Trip in Dashain

Past 10 days were really interesting and relaxing for us( me and my friend Ujjal). We were in our village. It is minimum 6 hours travel by bus from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. We were very curious to reach our village. The day came after I completed my B.E. (Computer) last semester university exam just one day ago. It was not that hard journey. In fact we en joyed it a lot. People are curious and interesting in Nepal. My village can not be an exception- they are very helpful and supportive.
We used those ten days well. We helped family in harvesting rice, separate it from the plant and carry it to home by walking 30 minutes north from the spot. Think of the newness and sweet experiences one gets by involving in such works in pure and healthy village environment.
We worshipped goddess of "Dashain" the greatest festival of Hindus. We met with old friends- some of them were school friends too most of whom are in Kathmandu but are out of frequent contact. Let me tell the world that it was my mother who was most curiously waiting me in my village! In fact all the mothers are same!
I have a lot to tell about what, who and where about my experiences in my village. More interestingly we have got some fresh photographs of various events and people. I am curious to put them in my blog for the world!

Dashain, The Nepali Festival

Dashain is Nepali Hindu's greatest festival. It is celebrated for fifteen days. The goddess worshipped is Durga- think of a woman God having lots of power to defeat evil powers. Hey, it is such a great epic that is followed by the story of love, compassion, power, fight and control.
Then guess what a busy life Nepalese do have during the festival. Government gives 10 days leave to its employees. It is a different story that in each and every corner of the world the festivals of their own brings about. I want to tell a lot about it. I guess the world is so curious about it. I am going to my village (think of the hurry all people are in when they are waiting to reach their ancestral home in such a great festival). I promise to write more and to publish relevant photos after I return after two weeks.

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